Auntie Anne's

Opening Times

  1. Mon - Closed
  2. Tue - Closed
  3. Wed - Closed
  4. Thu - Closed
  5. Fri - Closed
  6. Sat - Closed
  7. Sun - Closed


Auntie Anne’s is a fast food retailer selling soft, freshly baked, hand rolled pretzels which come in a variety of flavours. Mixed, twisted and baked to golden brown perfection in full view of our customers, every pretzel comes with the pretzel perfect guarantee. Every pretzel is created using Auntie Anne’s secret recipe flour blend, then stretched, hand-rolled, twisted and baked in-store. With a menu bursting with delicious savoury and sweet choices deciding which one to order is not going to be easy.

Alongside the pretzels, there are tasty pretzel dogs and snacks, plus a range of refreshing drinks including freshly squeezed lemonade and Dutch Ice.

We look forward to serving you with our delicious pretzels.