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Crew Member - Full-time


Performs tasks required for the preparation and presentation of Auntie Anne’s products to its customers, and for the maintenance of the Auntie Anne’s store premises and equipment, in accordance with Auntie Anne’s Threefold Philosophy, operating standards, and policies.


Depending upon shift and station assignment, may be required to:

  1. Prepare doughs and other products
  2. Roll and twist pretzels
  3. Dip, shape, and salt pretzels
  4. Insert, rotate, and remove pretzel trays; monitor ovens for correct baking time and product colour
  5. Dip, drain, and file pretzels in Roundup
  6. Prepare specialty pretzels
  7. Prepare drinks and bag orders
  8. At all times exhibit a friendly, courteous attitude toward customers and co-workers
  9. GUESTS: Greet customers, Urgency, Eye contact, Suggestive selling, Thank you, and Smile/voice inflection
  10. Accurately operate cash registers in accordance with Cash Register Procedures
  11. Set up equipment, utensils, and supplies at opening
  12. Break down, clean, and put away equipment, utensils, and supplies at closing
  13. Perform cleaning and maintenance procedures as directed by person in charge of shift
  14. Comply at all times with Auntie Anne’s dress code and personal appearance standards
  15. Perform all essential duties of this position in a safe and effective manner, consistent with the prescribed method and guidelines established by Auntie Anne’s Inc.
  16. Perform other duties as directed by Manager or Shift Leader

How To Apply

To apply send CV to

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