Sharing kindness and connecting with others are just as important now as they have
ever been, and our national day is a significant moment to celebrate our community
spirit and continued resilience. Every gesture of kindness makes a difference and
everyone can benefit from sharing it so let’s celebrate our national day by coming
together and sharing kindness with friends and neighbours, highlighting the
importance of community and the value we place on having compassion for others
and the environment that we live in.

As we set our sights on a recovery from the pandemic, and face the global challenge
of the climate crisis, St Andrew’s Day also offers a valuable opportunity to come
together with other people in our communities and visitors and there are over 100
individual events planned to take place across the country.

Whether Scotland is your home or holds a special place in your heart, you can join
in a celebration of our world class culture and unique heritage through a range of in person
events and online activities.

So, for this 30 November, let’s all come together and continue to reach out and
share kindness with those around us, and show the rest of the world that Scotland is
a country of heart, that values its people and its place.

Help us create a #WeAreScotland conversation on kindness through social media.

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