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08/01 - 28/02

Mindfulness at Wagamama



mindfulness is a technique that people can use to help manage their mental health. or to simply gain more enjoyment from life. it's about making an effort to give your full attention to the present moment. what's happening in your body, mind and surroundings.

Mindful eating

Mindful eating is all about learning to pay more attention to the food we eat and how we eat it. It's about being aware of how the food we choose to eat affects our bodies, minds + feelings. paying attention to what you're eating + appreciating it's appearance, texture, colour and taste. good food should satisfy all of the senses

'the way we eat animates our spirit. providing not only sustenance for the body but nourishment for the soul' - way of the noodle.

Mindful Mondays

Wagamama will be hosting mindful Mondays at noodlelab every Monday throughout January. to practice mindful eating we will be enjoying our dishes wearing noise cancelling headphones. the idea is to place a focus on the food by reducing distraction

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