Epiphanot ruled notebook


Product Information

Epiphanot. An idea that seems like an amazing insight but is in fact pointless stupid or incorrect. Face it we all have these. That shower thought you're sure would change the world? It's just an epiphanot. Stationery at PaperchaseStationery is quite literally our business. We’ve got notebooks in any style you could want! Looking for ruled plain gridded or dotted paper? Or if you’re looking for an A4 notebook or something pocket-sized we’ve got just the thing. All of our notebooks are printed using FSC certified paper but if you’re looking for something next level eco-friendly we’ve got that too (we did say “any style you could want”...) Check out the whole collection hereMeasures (approx.) 250 x 200 mmKraft recycled materialsRuled pages192 pages34 lines per page 100 gsm

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