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Sustainable Christmas gifts at Silverburn

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We’ve rounded up some of the best sustainable Christmas gift ideas available at Silverburn this Christmas. Little changes like sourcing sustainable gifts for your loved ones can make all the difference to our planet. Many of our retailers are ramping up their sustainable credentials so we’ve picked just a few of them to illustrate how you can shop at Silverburn and do your bit for the planet this Christmas.

The Body Shop
The Body Shop’s already known for their natural ingredients and eco-friendly credentials. Their Community Fair Trade programme means they can source ethical high-quality ingredients and materials from farmers, artisans, and producers all over the world. And that means, when you buy a Christmas gift at the Body Shop, you’re also supporting the community that produces them.

Pamper your friends and relatives with the Gift of Wonder – this handwoven basket made from recycled paper contains products enriched with ingredients from Community Fair Trade producers, so you can nourish your soul while the gift nourishes skin.

Or why not try their Spiced Orange Body Butter? This hug in a bottle not only feels like pure comfort for your skin but it also improves the streets of Bengaluru, India – apart from the lid, all packaging is made from recycled plastic collected from Bengaluru’s streets.

Visit The Body Shop to start ticking off that gift list.  

Cotswold Outdoor
For the outdoor adventurer in your life, Cotswold Outdoor has everything they need for adventuring. You’ll find a full range of products made from sustainable materials and partly or fully recycled materials.

Find sustainable outdoor wear from top brands such as Patagonia, North Face, Jack Wolfskin and Rab in store. Or pop some sustainable gloves, hats, and slippers into their stockings – there’s a selection of reasonably priced, yet sustainable, options in store to choose from.

H&M have been improving their eco-credentials and now offer on-trend quality fashion with an emphasis on sustainability. Increasing the sustainable and recycled materials they use, they’re also involved working together with larger groups to reduce fashion’s footprint on the planet.

H&M already operates a clothing take-back scheme in the UK, and they offer hacks on how to make your clothes last longer. Snap up this year’s Christmas glamour in store now and it could last for years to come…  

Best known as a supplier of quality long-lasting footwear, Clarks has actually been sustainable since its creation almost 200 years ago – the first pairs of shoes were crafted from offcuts by tradesmen from the local community.  

Today, its sustainable foundations remain through conscientious, inclusive, and responsible practices. Clarks’ use of quality materials and workmanship mean their shoes are durable which removes the need to replace them for a long time, which in turn reduces waste. All shoeboxes are recycled and recyclable, and the Origins range is a fully circular shoe collection.  

Pop in and try a sustainable piece of footwear at any time – Clarks shoes aren’t just for Christmas…

Find out how to have your own eco-friendly Christmas this year.

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