Best halal dishes in glasgow

Where to eat at Silverburn

To help you find where you can discover — and devour — mouth-watering halal dishes at Silverburn, we’ve put together a guide just for you. Whether you’re more of a spicy, tangy or sweet-and-sour connoisseur, we have it covered.


Italian dining is full of flavoursome poultry dishes that are deeply rooted in the Mediterranean cuisine. Lucky for us, all the chicken at Pizza Express is halal and it’s a true pizza-cake to find something for every taste.  Try the Pollo salad for a hearty option, or reach for the Pizza Romana Pollo ad Astra arranged with Cajun-spiced chicken, sweet Peppadew peppers, red onion and mozzarella for a sharable feast. No hesitation here, just dough it!

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Plenty of delicious and exotic Thai dishes are available at Thaikhun. Several of their chicken dishes are halal. The mouthwatering Chicken with cashew nuts is packed with fresh ingredients including peppers, mushrooms and spring onions. If you’re hankering after a curry then you can’t go far wrong with the rich and warming Chicken massaman curry that includes potatoes, onions and cashew nuts. We’re also massive fans of their Sweetcorn cakes – check it out here, along with plenty of other delicious veggie dishes available at Silverburn.

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Tony Macaroni rides itself on its authentic Italian fare, and offers up a wide and varied menu including pizza, pasta and risottos. The tasty Pollo alla Milanese is halal and consists of a pan-fried chicken breast that’s coated in crunchy breadcrumbs, served alongside a warming pile of penne arrabiata.


If you fancy a taste of Mexican food with a Californian twist, Tortilla is perfect. Their Grilled chicken burrito comes loaded with fillings including rice, guacamole, beans and cheese and is halal. Another great option is their Chicken quesadilla, where halal chicken is smothered in Monterey cheese and served alongside soured cream, salsa verde and corn chips. Plus, everything is available for eat in or takeaway.

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You can’t go far wrong with Zizzi for fresh yet rustic Italian food. They use halal roasted chicken in some of their pizza and pasta dishes. Their signature dishes are the generous oval Rustica pizza – pick the Pollo Rosso Rustica with spicy roasted chicken, fire-roasted peppers, smoked mozzarella and smoky pepper pesto. Or for a lighter option, the Skinny Pizza Pollo Roquito includes roast chicken, chillies, mozzarella and roasted peppers – delicious!

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Note: all restaurants feature alcohol on their menu