Polestar Space now open

The brand new Polestar space has now opened at Silverburn.

Who is Polestar?

Polestar is an innovative, electric car manufacturer with the goal of creating a truly climate-neutral car by 2023. The Swedish performance car brand currently produces two models – the Polestar 2, which can be seen at Silverburn and Polestar 3 which recently became available to order.

What can you expect at Silverburn?

Polestar is located next to Barrhead Travel. The Polestar team will be on hand to discuss all-things ‘EV’ with our guests and share their mission to develop new technologies and create positive change.

Immerse yourself in the Polestar experience with test drives available by booking online at Polestar.com, or by speaking with the Polestar team.

Get behind the wheel here.