7 Sustainability tips from The Body Shop

Did you know The Body Shop in Silverburn is home to the largest refill station in Glasgow? Sustainability is at the heart of its mission, so store manager Tracey Houston has put together a simple guide to help you shop more sustainably.

  1. Prioritise quality products

Where possible, avoid single-use plastics and choose sustainable materials. Opt for products made from eco-friendly supplies such as organic cotton, bamboo, recycled plastics, and sustainably harvested wood.

The Body Shop has a UK target for all packaging and products to be recyclable, reusable and/or compostable by 2025. 

  1. Look for ethically sourced products

Take sustainable materials a step further and look for ethically sourced products too. These will be identifiable from universally recognised stamps and stickers on the products. Look for certifications like Fair Trade, B-Corp, and organic.

The Body Shop is a B-Corp and sources ethical, high-quality ingredients and accessories from thousands of producers, farmers and artisans across the world through its bespoke community fair trade programme. 

From handcrafted shea butter in Ghana to recycled paper gift bags in Nepal, community fair trade helps suppliers gain market access and invest in social and environmental projects that benefit their communities. 

  1. Opt for cruelty free

The Body Shop always has and always will be a cruelty free brand with many veggie and vegan products. Many retailers stock products where a percentage of the sale goes to charity – now that’s guilt-free retail therapy!

  1. Refill your empties

Many retailers are investing in refill stations in store, from food in supermarkets to cosmetics in store like The Body Shop. The Silverburn store recently unveiled itself as a “Changemaking Workshop”, making it home to the largest refill station in Glasgow.

Available on shower gel, hand wash, shampoo and conditioner, you can refill your aluminium 300ml bottle for a cheaper price than buying a new replacement product. It also stocks cosmetic refills for lipsticks and compact powder. 

It’s good for the environment while also being good for the purse – and in the current economic climate, that’s a win, win. 

  1. Check use-by dates

It’s good practice to note the date of opening a product on the packaging or add a sticker. Remember, 12 months for beauty products and only six months for make-up and cosmetics. That way you can keep track of usage and avoid unnecessary, impulsive purchases. 

Then when it comes to disposing of old products, make the decision to recycle with many retailers housing recycling points in store, and some offer rewards in return. 

  1. Remember your bag for life

We can all be guilty of using single use plastic carriers, so remember to carry reusable shopping bags with you and reduce the need for disposable ones. Or if necessary, pick a paper bag.

Many retailers have fashionable alternatives such as the cotton canvas tote bag at The Body Shop, meaning you don’t need to sacrifice style for your eco-friendly choices.  

  1. ‘Tis the season to shop sustainably

Christmas is the biggest retail holiday in the calendar, but you can still be environmentally conscious and make smarter swaps. 

Look out for gift sets in reusable boxes. The Body Shop has removed all single use plastic from its gift sets and replaced it with reusable pouches. It even comes with some re-use guidance such as repurposing into a plant pot.

Get creative with wrapping and use fabric or repurpose newspaper, old maps or magazines as alternatives. 

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