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Ask the Experts: Everything you need to know about Hyrox Glasgow 2024

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The wait is over for Scottish Hyrox competitors and fans – Hyrox Glasgow is returning to the Scottish Events Campus in 2024. Personal Trainer Darren from PureGym Silverburn has answered your most pressing questions, so here’s what you need to know.

What is Hyrox?

Hyrox is a functional fitness race that welcomes participants of all fitness levels. All events are easily practiced and Hyrox workouts can be done in any gym.

Each Hyrox race includes intervals of 1km running followed by functional workouts, repeated eight times. Participants compete to complete the circuit in the fastest time.

Hyrox stations include:

• SkiErg
• Sled push
• Sled pull
• Burpee broad jumps
• Rowing
• Farmer’s carry
• Sandbag lunges
• Wall balls

Sled push equipment at a gym. Part of the Hyrox competition

When is Hyrox Glasgow?

Hyrox Glasgow will be held at the Scottish Events Campus on 2nd and 3rd March 2024.

Can beginners do Hyrox?

The good thing about Hyrox is that anyone can do it – whether you’re a beginner or a fitness fanatic, this is the ultimate test for all levels! The main thing is to have fun and try your best.

There are four competing categories – you can go solo in the Open or Pro categories, or team up for a Doubles or Team Relay race.

Not sure which race you should sign up for? Find your level on the Hyrox website.

How to train for Hyrox

Hyrox training is best done over the course of 8 to 12 weeks, varying strength training and functional exercises with running and other cardio workouts.

Why not take part in a local Parkrun to make the most of the lighter mornings? Every Saturday morning at 9.30am there’s a Parkrun at Silverburn’s neighbouring Pollok Park.

What to wear for Hyrox

Hyrox can get very sweaty and intense, so most people wear shorts and a T-shirt or sports bra. Check out the men’s gym ready range and the women’s co-ord sets at JD Sports.

A man working out at a gym wearing a grey hoodie, training for Hyrox

What trainers are best for Hyrox?

When it comes to footwear, comfortable shoes are a must. Some events like the sled push will require good grip, and 8km is a lot of running!

Take a look at the range of running shoes available at RunnersNeed within Cotswold Outdoor – shop everything from Asics to New Balance. They even offer a gait analysis service, where expert staff will advise the best shoes based on your running gait.

How to sign up for Hyrox Glasgow

Whether it’s your first time competing, or you’re pushing yourself to smash last year’s time – you can sign up to Hyrox Glasgow here.

Good luck!

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