The Ritual of Yozakura

The Ritual of Yozakura
seize the day, cherish the night

Discover our brand-new limited edition – The Ritual of Yozakura. Serving as a reminder to seize each day and cherish the nights, it features a stunning blend of Yoshino cherry and black rice extract and offers a rich olfactive experience.

New Products

Shimmer Oil – Discover our brand-new sparkling shimmer oil, featuring three stunning shades of shimmer in rose, gold, and silver, perfect for all skin tones. This shimmering body oil includes nourishing Yoshino cherry and black rice extract. Its nourishing formula revitalises dull-looking skin, leaving a subtle and luminous pearlescent shimmer that enhances your natural beauty, giving you radiant and glowing skin. Crafted with 98% natural origin ingredients.

Sake Bath Milk – Experience the elevated magic of our sake bath, enriched with the goodness of fermented rice extract and Yoshino cherry. Sake is known for its richness in amino acids and plant proteins. It helps nurture and hydrate your skin, revealing a radiant complexion. Enhanced by a harmonious blend of soybean, grape seed, and sweet almond oils, it ensures lavish nourishment for your skin. The luxurious and soothing bath milk, with its creamy, milky-rich texture, creates an oasis of relaxation. As you pour it while the tap runs, it forms an indulgent mix, leaving your skin moisturised, soft, and silky-smooth. Crafted with 95% natural origin ingredients.

Body Serum – Elevate your body care routine with this body serum containing 5% niacinamide and black rice extract. Niacinamide is best known for its brightening properties and helps even skin tone and texture. This serum’s light consistency allows for deep absorption into the skin’s surface, providing instant moisturisation and a radiant, smooth complexion. It infuses nourishing, active ingredients into the skin to help regenerate and repair, leaving it looking supple and smooth. Contains 91% natural origin ingredients.

Giftset with 10 products – “The Garden of Happiness”The Garden of Happiness with a curated selection of 10 bestsellers from The Ritual of Sakura and The Ritual of Yozakura. From bath to body and home products, including three full-size products, discover the joy of the perfect self-care routine with this exquisite gift set.